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How can you unsubscribe to Ginapay subscription?

Have you noticed Ginapay withdraws from your bank account and you want to unsubscribe this service? I will explain here all the steps to help you regarding this process. 

Follow these easy steps:

Visit our website and login to your account.

You are required to enter your login and password, next input your eight digits, and clicks on the connection to verify that your card was credited.


Once you got connected now, click on the cancel button, and then you will receive an email that confirms that you have unsubscribed the service successfully.

You can check your status as given in the screenshot.


Once you are successfully unsubscribed, the system will not charge you again.

Ginapay is a trusted and secure internet payment service for merchants. Many companies around the world, offering online services and selling products, are using our services for billing and customer support solutions. Sometimes you may get confused that you have not subscribed to our services, but still, you were getting charged.

  • This can happen if you have subscribed to one of our merchant partners; that’s why is billing you for customer support services, and appears on your bank statement. offers a free trial after the trial period you will get charged.
  • But if you have accidentally subscribed to our services, you have to unsubscribe the subscription.
  • To confirm that you have cancelled your subscription, you should log in to your email to check the email, or you can contact the customer support of by calling through the website phone number to cancel your subscription.

In case you forget the email address that you have used while registering on or due to any reason you don’t have access to that email address, you can prove your identity by using a form that will ask you to enter the last eight digits of your credit card (that is being charged), or you can contact customer support anytime you want if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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