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How to stop being billed by OngaPay

Last week, I noticed new subscription services appearing in my bank statement. After some trying to understand where those came from and talking with my wife, I was able to understand that these were related to two or three subscription services that she had tried for one month and then forgot to cancel before they […]

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Ending your subscription to SayoPay

The importance of being able to quickly and safely cancel a subscription you no longer use is very underappreciated. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take long until you start feeling overwhelmed with the number of choices. You have Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, video games stuff, and many others. Do you even use them all? […]

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Lanipay Membership Cancelation

Memberships, we all have it or at least already had several of them. The possibilities to accumulate several memberships these days are quite high. In fact I took the exercise of identifying how many online memberships I’m registered to these days: 2 for Music 2 for Video On Demand (VOD) 3 for Gaming The truth […]


Remove Ginapay online signature right now

How can you unsubscribe to Ginapay subscription? Have you noticed Ginapay withdraws from your bank account and you want to unsubscribe this service? I will explain here all the steps to help you regarding this process.  Follow these easy steps: Visit our website and login to your account. You are required to enter your […]