Cancelation of Services – Example for VgkPay

As a young guy and a big fan of online gaming, from time to time I need to lose some hours on unregistering from memberships that I’ve recently subscribed to, mostly related to trial periods that will expire soon. Per month I might spend some good 4 to 5 hours dealing with upcoming subscriptions that will renew automatically if I don’t do anything about it.

Always registering into some offers and trying new services and products related to online gaming, I’ve gained some experience in canceling such memberships and I have to deal with different online payment solutions websites. Some of them are definitely easier than others, which sometimes is the difference between canceling the registration almost right away and needing to call the support team to terminate the registration. 

Let’s see an example of what I really think should be a landing webpage for canceling a service of this kind right away, avoiding spending several minutes or hours sometimes to do so. Take the example of Vgkpay.

When you show up in their homepage (, just do as described below:

1. Presuming that you just want to terminate their service right now and also don’t want to access your profile account, then the section for you is placed in the right edge of the web site, where you can conveniently put your email address and then click “Unsubscribe”. This must cause an email that will go straight into your inbox and that you can later open and click the web link to unregister their solution. Just keep in mind that these kinds of emails are occasionally picked by your email service provider directly to the spam folder, where you should meticulously search for, if it didn’t get in the email inbox previously.

Form to cancel a subscription

If you are willing to log in into their administration platform, whether you intend to check your last purchases within this service, to inspect active registrations or if you agree to quit or terminate the service, then there are 2 alternatives for you:

2.1. one if you know the email as well as the password you have used for subscribing their service

Log in with your email and password

2.2. the other if you can not recall or lost your login details. If that is true, then you can enter the very first 6 numbers, followed by the last 4 numbers present in the credit card you have actually used to subscribe to this service.

Log in with a credit card number

When you have actually login with one of the two actions described in 2. , then after that you can see what subscribed solutions you have and directly cancel the ones you want. Once you’ve successfully canceled them, you will certainly obtain a verification email right after confirming that your process has been concluded.

Image of VgkPay's user page

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