Don’t want the NebiPay subscription? We help you cancel it

A simple guide on how to cancel your membership on the NebiPay site. All you have to do is follow our guide and we promise you the subscription will be canceled by the end of it.

I was contacted by my bank agent last week, talking about some transactions identified as being from Nebipay. He was asking me if I knew something about it or not.

He also detailed that it was related to monthly subscriptions from NebiPay, apparently an online payment system. It seems I had subscribed in the last month and it automatically renewed when the trial period was over.

In the first reaction, I was kind of surprised, but after checking what it was about, I realized it was related to a VOD service I’ve subscribed to and that I forgot to cancel before the trial ended

In fact, if I knew in the first place how easy it was to cancel such a membership, then I would have done it immediately. To show you how easy it is to terminate this subscription if you are willing to do so, I’ve described below how to do it.

Here is how you can stop the subscription to NebiPay

To terminate your registration on Nebipay, just insert your email and password utilized at the time of enrollment.

After the login, you will see your personal customer area, where you have the ability to handle, cancel or quit your subscriptions showing up as NebiPay on your bank declaration. 

Stop NebiPay subscription

This is where you can additionally contact their Customer Service team

NebiPay contact info

The termination of a particular service when visiting the system is simply done by clicking the “cancel” button on the right side of each membership line and then wait for a verification email that should arrive in a matter of seconds

(beware that it can arrive in the so-called spam folder if you have not opened an e-mail from them before).

Cancel NebiPay membership

NebiPay also offers you the opportunity to enter your account when you cannot remember your login details

If you enter the first 6 and the last 4 numbers of the credit card you have actually utilized to sign up to the service, then you will also be able to enter your profile, and from there terminate your registrations. 

Cancel NebiPay subscription

When canceled and also similar to what was defined in the two other login alternatives described above, you will certainly get an email confirming the cancelation of the service as well.

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